Government Education

Supercasino in UK Out Due To Lack of Government Education

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Culture Secretary Andy Burnham stepped up and delivered the news that everybody knew was coming. There would be no supercasino in Manchester.

Even after Manchester won the rights to have the supercasino, which would have been the first regional one of its kind in the UK. All the effort that was put in to win the bid, had suddenly gone down the drain.

And for what? Because the Culture Secretary claimed their were “important differences”, between the proposed supercasino, and the smaller casinos that will be built. Sixteen smaller casinos.

“On the basis of the current evidence about the uncertain levels of risks surrounding a regional casino, I do not intent to authorise a regional casino. I know that my decision will disappoint many in Manchester and particularly East Manchester, one of the most deprived areas in the country,” said Burnham said, speaking in the Commons.

There lies the truth behind his decision. there are no greater risks to a supercasino as opposed to SIXTEEN smaller ones. It is only that the area is not worthy of having a casino.

Burnham referred to the idea that a supercasino would bring dangerous “…risk to the public”. He pointed to the fact that safeguards will be in place to protect people at the smaller casinos. Safeguards such as banning using credit cards to play gaming machines or to buy chips.

Casinos will also be limited in the amount of hours that they can operate. they will be limited to eighteen hours a day. also, they will not be allowed to give out free drinks to gamblers.

Seems that all of these so called “safeguards”, would be just as easy to implement in a supercasino. It does not appear that any of these are limited to only being available in smaller casinos.

The political approach was taken by Burnham, and while it may suffice as an explanation, it does not seem like a logical one. Sixteen separate casinos offer no more protection to the public than one supercasino would have, no matter what political jargon Burnham tried to use to cover up the governments decision.

Lottery Numbers

Sunshine State Released Record Year Lottery Numbers

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If the Florida Lottery has been having problems with their sales, someone should let them in on the facts. The numbers that they released today show that there has been record sales for the past fiscal year.

People have been suggesting that sales of lottery tickets have been sagging in the state. That has not been the case, however, according to the numbers released on Tuesday.

The net sales for the past fiscal year that ran from July 1st 2007 until June 30th of this year were $4.174 billion. That was an increase of 1.3 percent over the previous year. The lottery claims they will not be complacent with these numbers.

“Now more than ever we must strive to find ways to ensure our track record of success continues. we can all celebrate this latest achievement, but much hard work is ahead of us,” said Florida Lottery Secretary Leo DiBenigno.

The Florida Lottery has been one of the most consistent in the United States as far as growth. Over the past ten years, only three states out of the forty three that have lotteries can claim growth in every year.

The state will get a boost in sales come 2009. They have signed on to bring the multi-state Powerball Lottery to their customers. Not only

Secretary of State Receives 800,000 Signatures For Casino In Ohio

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The people of Ohio want a new proposed casino and they have made themselves heard. Over 800,000 people put their signatures on a proposed casino and the signatures were delivered to the Secretary of State in Ohio on Tuesday.

MyOhioNow led the drive for the signatures in favor of a proposed casino in Clinton County. Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner was delivered the signatures, plenty more than the required number to have a question put on the November ballot.

If the voters approve the casino, it could have major ramifications for the state. The revenue that it would produce would be a boost to a budget that is struggling with funds. It also would create 5,000 jobs.

The jobs could be significant in these tough economic times. All of the jobs would pay at least $15 an hour, and would come with full benefits. The benefits are another advantage due to the state of health care in the nation.

The casino being proposed is a $600 million project. Although they secured the signatures, MyOhioNow knows that there will be opposition to the new casino from outside the state.

Problem Gambling

Study Shows Drug For Alcohol Abuse Also Helps Problem Gambling

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With studies being done almost every day, it is hard to find one to actually believe. A new study has been released that shows that a drug being used for alcohol abuse can also treat problem gambling.

University of Minnesota has finished a study that claims that the drug naltrexone has decreased the urge to gamble. The drug comes in various brand names such as Depade and Revia.

Seventy seven people were involved in the study and out of those seventy seven that took the drug, almost half of the subjects were able to abstain from gambling for at least a month. Only 10.5 of those studied who took a placebo were able to abstain for a month.

One of the criteria for the study was the subject had to gamble for six to thirty two hours a week. The participants ranged in age from fourteen, all the way up to fifty nine.

Nineteen of the people involved took a placebo, while the other fifty eight were given naltrexone. The doses were 100 or 150 milligrams daily for up to eighteen weeks.

The downfall of the study were some of the symptoms. Almost twenty percent involved in the study claimed they had anxiety disorder. Most of the others reported symptoms of depression.

Powerball Lottery Jackpot Rolls After No Winner Wednesday

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The Powerball Lottery and the Mega Millions Lottery are both lottery systems set up to operate over several different states. The games are linked together, and the payouts can get to extremely high numbers relatively quickly.

The Powerball Lottery jackpot has started that climb after Wednesday night’s drawing. Not one ticket matched all five numbers and the Powerball, and now the jackpot will rise to an estimated $20 million on Saturday.

Four tickets across the states matched all five numbers, but fell short of winning when they failed to match the Powerball. They were sold in Tennessee, Wisconsin, and two in Pennsylvania. Those people will each win 200,000.

The Mega Millions jackpot has already grown twice to outrageous numbers. The first few months of the year nobody even won the top prize. Then, after a large payout, the game went another few weeks with nobody hitting. It paid out another big number after that.

The Powerball Lottery game will now start to rise and see if it can reach the triple digit figures that accompanied the Mega Millions this year. The winning numbers for Powerball from Wednesday were, 11,21,31,32, and 35. The Powerball number was 3.

Problem Gamblers

Study Indicates Additional Disorders For Problem Gamblers

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Problem gambling is a topic that is coming up a lot around the United States. With many states involved with expanding their casino gambling laws, problem gambling has been used as a tool for opponents of these new casinos.

A recent study released at the National Center for Responsible Gaming’s ninth annual conference on Gambling and Addiction in Las Vegas suggests that it is not only gambling that these addicts have a problem with.

The study claims that over ninety six percent of people with a gambling problem at some point in their life suffer from another psychiatrio or substance abuse disorder. That means that the problem gambling is not necessarily due just to the casinos, but the temperament of the individual.

“What this study shows is that problem gambling is just another form of a more serious psychiatric disorder. People that become problem gamblers have most likely had addictions in the past, and the gambling is just another form of their addictive personalities,” said Bruce Aria, after reading the latest volume of “Increasing The Odds”.

For years opponents of casinos have pointed to the effects it may have on problem gamblers. They claimed that gambling can be addicting and that casinos actually encourage problem gambling.

The study released at the conference indicates a different result. Pathological gamblers also have been found to have mood and anxiety disorders. “If the behavior is one that is being repeated, then the cause is not always the problem, the addiction is,” said Aria.