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Study Shows Drug For Alcohol Abuse Also Helps Problem Gambling

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With studies being done almost every day, it is hard to find one to actually believe. A new study has been released that shows that a drug being used for alcohol abuse can also treat problem gambling.

University of Minnesota has finished a study that claims that the drug naltrexone has decreased the urge to gamble. The drug comes in various brand names such as Depade and Revia.

Seventy seven people were involved in the study and out of those seventy seven that took the drug, almost half of the subjects were able to abstain from gambling for at least a month. Only 10.5 of those studied who took a placebo were able to abstain for a month.

One of the criteria for the study was the subject had to gamble for six to thirty two hours a week. The participants ranged in age from fourteen, all the way up to fifty nine.

Nineteen of the people involved took a placebo, while the other fifty eight were given naltrexone. The doses were 100 or 150 milligrams daily for up to eighteen weeks.

The downfall of the study were some of the symptoms. Almost twenty percent involved in the study claimed they had anxiety disorder. Most of the others reported symptoms of depression.

Powerball Lottery Jackpot Rolls After No Winner Wednesday

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The Powerball Lottery and the Mega Millions Lottery are both lottery systems set up to operate over several different states. The games are linked together, and the payouts can get to extremely high numbers relatively quickly.

The Powerball Lottery jackpot has started that climb after Wednesday night’s drawing. Not one ticket matched all five numbers and the Powerball, and now the jackpot will rise to an estimated $20 million on Saturday.

Four tickets across the states matched all five numbers, but fell short of winning when they failed to match the Powerball. They were sold in Tennessee, Wisconsin, and two in Pennsylvania. Those people will each win 200,000.

The Mega Millions jackpot has already grown twice to outrageous numbers. The first few months of the year nobody even won the top prize. Then, after a large payout, the game went another few weeks with nobody hitting. It paid out another big number after that.

The Powerball Lottery game will now start to rise and see if it can reach the triple digit figures that accompanied the Mega Millions this year. The winning numbers for Powerball from Wednesday were, 11,21,31,32, and 35. The Powerball number was 3.

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