The Theoretical Slot Machine Payout Percentage

The payout percentage in a slot machine provides vital information to slot players. Slot machines always display a payout percentage which basically tells the slot players about the possible profit or returns they can gain from a slot machine.

Because casinos are not obliged or mandated to provide the odd information of their slot machines, the only way that slot players can obtain relative and helpful information from their slot gambling is through the payout percentage displayed on the slot machine.

Casinos program their slot machines with a payout percentage between 80 to 98 percent on the average but there are few Vegas casinos that offer a 100% payout on their slot machines but are very rare to find.

The payout percentage rate imposed by the casinos to their slot machines is generally based on the gambling law and regulation policy implemented within the jurisdiction where they operate their gambling establishment.

A regulating agency is responsible for determining the minimum payout percentage that casinos will implement on their slot machines. Nevada casinos are subjected to follow the 75% minimum payout percentage allowed while casinos in New Jersey are imposed of minimum payout percentage at 78%.

The payout percentage is determined by the casino based on the winning patterns, its frequency to appear and the payout for each wining pattern that are designed to yield an amount that will meet a percentage that will meet the cost needed by the house for the operation of their slot machines and as profit. The remaining percentage will be returned to its players known as the payout percentage which will reflect the rate that players will win in the long run of playing the machine.

For a more accurate understanding, playing a slot machine with a 90% payout rate will win a slot player $9 from their wager of $10 value. The remaining $1 will be kept by the casino as their profit.

The payout percentage is very important information that slot players should look for from a slot machine to play because it can significantly improve the quality of the amount to win from a slot machine.

The higher the payout percentage that a slot machine offers the better profit a slot player can get in return of their wagers. Because slot machines vary with their payout percentage, slot players must not instantly jump to play on the first slot machine they see.

It pays to shop around the casino and scout for a better paying slot machine to get better value of their wagering activities in the casino slot machines.

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